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Accountability Buddy

Usability Issues

  • New users often skipped this step because they didn't have any followers

  • Many users weren't sure what AB meant and what it does

  • New users needed to leave the page to invite a friend first

Users to Consider

There were three types of users to consider before designing. In addition to search bar, we had users who:

  • have both followers and part of at least one group

  • have either followers or part of a group

  • have neither followers nor part of a group

Citrus Fruits

Searching Users


With the new concept, users could easily search for anyone on the app. The previous design wasn't allowing this concept unless users were following each other. 

Citrus Fruits

Inviting New People


If users didn't have anyone to add as an accountability buddy, they could send an invite to anyone without leaving the page. Additionally, we confirmed the action and added the pending status. When the recipient became a user, the name automatically changed too. 

Citrus Fruits

Inviting Current Users


Previously, users could see and add their followers only as accountability buddies. Our new implementation changed that concept and enabled users to add anyone they wished.

Users could see followers and group members if they were part of any on the list. 

Iteration Process

We iterated the design multiple times based on the feedback we received from the usability testing. The final version reached the expectations of the majority of the users. 

AB Improvements Iteration.png

Usability Testing

  • 23/30 Participants added someone which was 5 in the beginning/30 Participants added someone 

  • The average time for the completion of the task was 15 seconds

  • 28/30 participants were very satisfied with the design

  • 10/10 of the previous participants found the improvements highly effective


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