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Role: Solo User Experience Designer

Responsibilities: User Interviews, Research, Visual &
Interaction Designs, Prototyping, and Usability Testing

Outcome: Four core product features improvement

Date: 2021 - 2022



Goalswell is a self-improvement app that motivates high school and college students to achieve their goals with their friends. 
I was hired to evaluate the app, identify any usability issues across the app, and determine the critical features to prioritize for the next release. 

Understanding Problems

I began my observation by having some chats with the CEO and product owner. We agreed on forming a cross-functional team to be on the same page along the process. I conducted User Interviews & Usability Testing at USC with 20 students. The aim to conduct these interviews and usability testing is to find out:

  • Users' expectations and needs

  • The pain points and prioritizing the improvements based on the severity of the issues

  • Defining and Measuring KPI for each task


For this project, we practiced Double Diamond Theory and Lean UX.  


Test Results

Out of 20 students:

One Project, Four Case Studies

I divided this project into 4 case studies. Each study will demonstrate my design thinking process from ideation to implementation. 

Citrus Fruits
Inviting Friends

Adding & Inviting Friends

  • App downloads & user engagement increased by 40%

  • The improved flow prevented users from taking the wrong steps to accomplish a task

Citrus Fruits
Goal Creation

Goal Creation Process

  • Daily Active Users increased by 30%

  • The time to accomplish the task was reduced by 25%

Citrus Fruits

Checklist Improvements

  • The improvements increased the Average Session Length

  • The time to accomplish the task was reduced

Citrus Fruits
Accountability Buddy

Accountability Buddy

  • The time to accomplish the task was reduced by 60%

  • Taking advantage of the feature increased 


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